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SharkStopper® - The World's First and Only Acoustic Shark Repellent


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Field Test Videos

Sharkstopper featured on
Discovery Canada's Daily Planet
March 18, 2015 episode

Discovery Canada is Canada's top-rated network for viewer satisfaction. Its entertaining and award-winning programs explore the fascinating worlds of nature, science and technology, and adventure.

Visit their website: www.discovery.ca Or follow them on Twitter: www.twitter.com/discoverycanada



SharkStopper® testing its patented acoustic technology in the Bahamas. The testing was conducted with its first generation prototype. Testing was conducted against Caribbean Reef, Lemon and Nurse Sharks.


Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan from the show "Pitchmen" called the founder of SharkStopper, Brian Wynne and asked him to come to Tampa, Fl. to see if the SharkStopper device would be something that they would be interested in. After Mr. Wynne told them that the SharkStopper device could not be sold for under $100, both parties went there separate ways. Before Brian departed, Anthony and Billy did request to borrow the SharkStopper unit to conduct a test in the open water. The video shows the SharkStopper second generation prototype being tested by Anthony and Billy in baited conditions.


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