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Future Products

SharkStopper’s first product releases will be (1) the “Personal Shark Repellent” (PSR) which is designed for individuals-swimmers, surfers, snorkelers and just about anyone engaging in an open water activity; and (2) the “Watercraft Shark Repellent” (WSR) which is designed for boat enthusiasts and their guests. 

We are also designing modifications for the PSR so it will be applicable for commercial use and deep sea divers.  While the PSR is currently designed for depths up to 4.5 meters, deep sea divers will swarm around a future product designed to provide protection at much greater depths.  Another future product in design phase will solve two problems.

Our “Commercial Fishermen Shark Repellent” (CFSR) has the potential to save billions in losses now suffered by the commercial fishing industry.  By keeping sharks from feeding on its catch, the commercial fishing industry will enjoy greater yields while regaining access to preferred fishing grounds previously lost to sharks.

As we expand in the commercial fishing marketplace, sharks will enter fewer fishing areas and avoid being hooked on fishing lines and tangled in nets.  While increasing the profitability and efficiency of the fishing industry, SharkStopper will greatly reduce the number of senseless shark deaths.  This opportunity is truly a win-win.

Moving closer to land, our technology will provide greater protection around beaches and coastal areas threatened by sharks.  This will (1) reduce the risk of shark attacks on popular beaches, (2) protect sharks from getting tangled in nets, and (3) improve the image of sharks in general.

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